The Board

Purusha Ananda

     Purusha Ananda after a career as an aerospace engineer spent over eighteen years visiting living teachers, studying and practicing the spiritual traditions such as Yoga, Sufism and Buddhism. Seeking ways to go beyond the limitations of theoretical or mental teachings. Purusha spent years traveling and living close to teachers in the United States, India, Nepal, Europe and South America. By observing how different spiritual masters lived the teachings and how they applied their learning to the situations that arise in daily life, Purusha was able to learn methods that bridge the theoretical and the practical.

     Purusha has studied and practiced meditation extensively over the past twenty five years, developing the quiet sitting of the Zen tradition, the movement and sound meditations of the Sufi's and the engaged and integrating practices taught in the Dzogchen (Great Perfection) Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. This breadth of experience allows Purusha to teach the art of meditation to all seekers, no matter what their current spiritual path or level of practice . . . explaining, adapting and suggesting practices that fit both the person and their circumstances. Besides his skill as a teacher of meditation, Purusha is an accomplished musician and artist, whose work focuses upon the harmonizing and blending of heaven and earth. He lives in Mt. Shasta, California.

Sharon Callahan

     Sharon Callahan is an internationally acclaimed animal communication specialist and founder of Anaflora Flower Essence Therapy for Animals. Her book Healing Animals Naturally With Flower Essences and Intuitive Listening chronicles her pioneering research in the field. In her work Sharon draws on a repertoire of hundreds of flower essences which she makes herself in Mt. Shasta, California where she has lived for the past twenty four years. Her expertise in the fields of animal communication and flower essence therapy has gained the respect of individuals, animal welfare organizations, shelters, sanctuaries, flower essence professionals and veterinarians throughout the world. Sharon is on staff with Robert Goldstein, V.M.D. and has worked with him since 1997 in the clinical application of flower essences in his veterinary practice. Sharon's many articles on animals, spirituality and flower essences have appeared in publications such as Light of Consciousness, Animal Wellness Magazine, Natural Pet, Kindred Spirit, and Alternative Medicine. Her writings continue to appear in books and periodicals throughout the world.

Vajra Matusow

     Vajra Matusow is the founder and director of Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts in Marin County, California. Her career as a Professional Massage Therapist spans three decades and includes training in most bodywork modalities. Vajra is also professionally trained therapist with a Masters degree in Counseling and Somatic Psychology. Her work with the body is enriched by a lifelong passion for spiritual awakening that has led her to study, practice and teach massage, meditation and energetic healing throughout the world. She has traveled and studied meditation and healing in India, Nepal, the Philippines and throughout the United States. She has been a Minister with the Center for Spiritual Healing for over twenty years and is a retreat guide in the Sufi Order. Vajra is founder and spiritual director of the Diamond Light Center for Spiritual Awakening, where she directs and teaches a two year program for ministerial training.