What Is A Prayer Circle?

     A prayer circle is comprised of a group of people holding the same intention for transformation and healing. Through the power created by their prayers, an energy field is created, which is held in the Sacred Oneness of the Divine. The more people there are holding the intention, the more powerful and effective the field is to create change. Please join us in saying a daily prayer for all of the magnificent species of animals that are at this moment on the brink of extinction as well as for those who are confined, abused and alone.

Your prayer/meditation can be something like this:

A Prayer For The Animals

     "We offer our prayers and loving thoughts for those animal species now on the brink of extinction, for all animals held in unnatural environments, for those who are abused and neglected and for all those who are put to death or who must die alone. For those species becoming extinct we ask for healing, and we ask that if it is their highest destiny to stay with us on planet Earth, that this be so.

     For those animals confined to artificial environments we send our love, our blessing and our friendship, and if it be in their highest good we ask that they be released.

     For those who must be put to death we ask that they be delivered mercifully into the hands of a waiting angel and taken to a place of beauty and love.

     We acknowledge each species of animal and each individual within each species for their power, their wisdom, and their courage. We honor their unique and critical place in the web of life and we mourn their passing. We send them our love, our light and our blessings."

Sharon Callahan, Mt. Shasta CA USA