2020 at The Green Project—Looking back on a momentous year — the Green Project

In 2020, despite being closed for 4.5 months, we reclaimed…

  • 1,879 doors

  • 15,027 linear feet of lumber

  • 14,761 linear feet of molding

  • Over 500 windows

  • 4,121 pieces of tile

  • 2,855 gallons of paint

And much, much more! Tab through the slideshow above to see more of our progress and accomplishments in 2020.

As we wrap up this year, we are immensely thankful for the support of our community—from our customers, to donors, to financial contributors. Without you, there is no Green Project. Thank you for your continued support over the past 26 years. Here’s to a new year, hope, growth and joy!

With gratitude,

Hailey Allison
Executive Director

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