Paint Donations on hiatus beginning on December 2, 2019 — the Green Project

The Green Project will stop accepting paint beginning December 2, 2019 through
February 1, 2020.

We currently have so much paint that some is going bad while waiting to be recycled—we don’t want that! We plan to spend this time playing catch up and getting organized so that we can continue recycling paint for the New Orleans community throughout the remainder of 2020. 

So, what do I do with my paint?!

Fear not…there are a couple of things you can do with your latex paint while we are on hiatus.


The Green Project will be giving away bags of sawdust—courtesy of GoodWood NOLA—that can be used to harden latex/water-based paint by mixing it together with your paint and letting it air dry for 24-72 hours. Once hard and dry, water-based paint is safe to dispose of in your curbside garbage. 


You are also welcome to hold on to your paint until we begin accepting it again effective February 2020, so long as it meets the guidelines below.


  1. Donated paint must be water-based—that means only latex or acrylic paint. 

  2. Paint must have a readable label so that we can properly identify the type of paint. 

  3. Cans or buckets must be ⅓ of the way full or more. If a can or bucket has ⅓ or less paint, please dry it out and dispose of it in your curbside recycling. (See Guidelines for Paint Disposal.)

  4. Paint must be in usable condition—that means free of putrid odors, no hardening, no particulates. 

  5. We cannot accept textured, sparkly, or chalk paint. 

Why the new guidelines?

Unfortunately, too much of the paint that we receive comes to us in unusable condition. It is either too old, too little or not the right type. Because of this, we have to spend time and resources properly disposing of bad paint, limiting our ability to recycle and resell good paint at an affordable price.

Support the Program

We have our work cut out for us as we play catch up! We would appreciate your support during this time. Donate to our paint recycling efforts right here.

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