Weather tracker: Mexico swelters under season’s first heatwave | Climate crisis

Mexico has been undergoing its first heatwave of the season. The heatwave started on Sunday 14 April, when Mexico City recorded a new date record with a high of 32.9C, surpassing the previous record of 32C from 1998.

Anticyclonic conditions over the region have been responsible for this heatwave by inhibiting cloud formation, allowing temperatures to rise significantly. These conditions persisted through much of last week, allowing temperatures to reach 35-45C across much of the country.

However, on Sunday night and into Monday, a cold front moved southwardsallowing temperatures to fall considerably below average at the start of this week and bringing wet and windy weather to the country.

The prefrontal trough that is expected to develop ahead of this cold front will lead to heavy rain and thunderstorms across the south-eastern parts of the country on Monday. These will include lightning, hailstorms, and possibly allow some tornadoes and whirlwinds to develop too.

Additionally, across north-eastern parts of the country, this frontal boundary will introduce some strong winds and high wave heights. As a consequence, there is a risk of seeing some localised flooding in places, as well as an increased risk of landslides.

Meanwhile, parts of southern China have been experiencing torrential rain. Convective activity over the past few days has led to a significant flooding risk across Guangdong province in southern China, with fears of seeing a one-in-50-year flood there.

Saturday had the heaviest downpours, with 12 consecutive hours of rainfall, prompting the Chinese government to issue flood warnings across the Beijiang basin. By Sunday morning, aerial footage showed many low-lying towns and buildings were already underwater, and telecommunication channels and power supplies have been damaged across the province. The fear of flooding continues this week as further heavy rain is forecast.

In Europe, temperatures are set to fall considerably below the seasonal norm this week. Parts of Germany, Italy, France as well as the Baltic states will have temperatures about 7-10C below average. However, by the end of the week and into the weekend, temperatures are expected to return to around or just above average across Europe.

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