Ukraine war briefing: Russian forces launch deadly attack on Kharkiv lakeside resort | Ukraine

  • Russia struck a lakeside resort on the edge of Kharkiv on Sunday and attacked villages in the surrounding region, killing at least 11 people and wounding scores. Prosecutors said six people were killed in the resort, with one missing and 27 wounded. Rescuers said the initial strike was followed by a second strike about 20 minutes later, targeting emergency crews at the scene in a “double tap”. “There were never any soldiers here,” said Yaroslav Trofimko, a police inspector who arrived after the first strike and was then caught up in the second. Another five people were killed and nine injured later in the day in two villages in Kupiansk district. Local governor Oleh Syniehubov said Russian forces shelled two villages of the district with a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher. Prosecutors said one person was killed in Russian shelling in the town of Vovchansk, a town at the centre of a Russian incursion launched just over a week ago. Three people were wounded. The missile strikes were the latest in what have been constant Russian attacks in recent weeks on the Kharkiv region of north-eastern Ukraine, where Russian troops have launched an offensive.

  • Britain and Finland will sign a strategic partnership on Monday to strengthen ties and counter the threat of Russian aggression, UK foreign secretary David Cameron has said. The two countries will declare Russia as “the most significant and direct threat to European peace and stability”, according to a Foreign Office press release. “As we stand together to support Ukraine, including through providing military aid and training, we are clear that the threat of Russian aggression, following the war it started, will not be tolerated,” said Cameron. The countries will work together to counter Russian disinformation, malicious cyber activities and support Ukraine’s recovery, reconstruction, and modernisation, according to the Foreign Office.

  • Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy said Ukraine’s armed forces have strengthened their positions in Kharkiv this week and that they were “effectively destroying” occupying forces in Donetsk region, particularly near Chasiv Yar. “In fact, the occupiers fail to achieve their goal of stretching our forces thin and weakening Ukraine across a wide front from the Kharkiv to the Donetsk regions,” he said.

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